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What is AAUP?

For over 90 years, AAUP’s core mission has been to protect the principles of academic freedom, tenure, and due process by developing policies and reports about these subjects and applying these principles to particular situations that are brought to its attention.

The Association works with Congress and state legislators to promote effective higher education legislation, and helps our members to do the same.College presidents and administrators rely on Association-developed policy statements and procedural guidelines.

Why is a chapter being formed at ODU?

The Faculty Senate, because of its mission, cannot deal with certain issues.As a result, several of us concluded that an independent organization such as AAUP would make sense.Therefore, we reactivated the ODU chapter.

Why should I join AAUP?

As universities have evolved, the old collegial model has been progressively eroded.Because of this, the goals of administrators and faculty seem often at odds.If a sufficient number of faculty join AAUP, the faculty will gain a greater voice that may impact certain decisions.

What about the Faculty Senate?

The Faculty Senate is part of the University and makes recommendations to the President, whereas AAUP is completely independent.AAUP can address issues of concern to faculty that would be inappropriate for the Faculty Senate to tackle, including an opinion survey of administrators.

What will I get for my money?

You will be part of a national organization that can speak directly to the Administration, Board of Visitors, legislators, and public.At present, the faculty, as a group, has only a limited ability to express its concerns to these groups.As a result, the administration sometimes doesn’t listen too carefully or respond to legitimate concerns.Also, as a member, you will be able to participate in on-line discussions where opinions on important issues such as student behavior in the classroom, student quality, Teletechnet, etc. are voiced and discussed.The purpose of these on-line discussions is to share ideas and express concerns.The hope is that the publicity resulting from the discussions will lead to action on the part of the University.

More Information

Contact Paul Champagne at pchampag@odu.edu

Last updated: August 20, 2007

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