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Coalition for Black Faculty and Administrators

Meeting Minutes

History & Accomplishments


In 1985, an ad hoc group of black faculty and administrators met with former Old Dominion University President Marchello to voice concerns about the recruitment and retention of black faculty, administrators and students. Subsequent to that meeting over the next several years, a small group met to develop a strategy and propose a structure and by-laws for a coalition or caucus designed to provide moral and social support and advocacy for African American faculty and administrators. All black faculty and administrators were invited to an organizational meeting in the fall of 1989, which marked the official beginning of the Coalition of Black Faculty and Administrators.

Past Presidents

Brenda Lewis, 1989-90
Janis Sanchez-Hucles, 1990-91
Margaret Curry-Williams, 1991-92
Samual Coppage, 1992-93
John Hammond, 1993-94
Caretta Cooke, 1994-95
Carol Locke, 1995-96
Sydney Perry, 1996-97


Michael Hucles, 1997-98
Cliff Rice, 1998-99
Ollie Tolliver, 1999-00
Ladd Colston, 2000-01
Lesa Clark, 2001-02
David Davenport 2002-03
Victoria Burke, 2003-04
R. Kevin Marbury, 2004-05
Tianna Scott, 2005-06


Significant Accomplishments

  • Established a $25,000 endowed CBFA scholarship to benefit the continuing education of students of African American decent.
  • Successfully lobbied for the re-establishment of a center for African American culture, named in honor of Hugo A. Owens, a local pioneer in the civil rights movement.
  • Assisted in the research and collection of data provided to enable the University to better meet the needs of African American students.
  • Annually review salary data for both faculty and faculty administrators.
  • Representatives serve on serveral major University committees/organizations.
  • Provide liaison to the Board of Visitors.
  • Provide on-going support to the mentoring of African American students through the Partnership for Service Program. 

Signature Events

CBFA Awards Ceremony

Past CBFA Award Recipients

Dr. Alfred B. Rollins, Jr.
Dr. Hugo A. Owens
Dr. James V. Koch
Dr. Charles O. Burgess
Dr. Anita Fellman
Ms. Kathy Friedman
Dr. David Hager
Dr. Dana Burnett
Dr. Lenora Thompson
Dr. Charles Wilson
Dr. Janis Sanchez


Ms. Glenda Humphreys
Mrs. Cecelia Tucker
Mr. Amadi Hummings
Dr. Clare Silva
Dr. Kae Chung
Ms. Betty Diamond
Mr. E.L. Hamm
Ms. Julie Dodd
Mrs. Carolyn McCollum
Rev. Kevin Swann