Who are the Fraternities at Old Dominion?

Becoming a part of a fraternity is a stepping-stone in your future here
at Old Dominion, as well as the real world. Each of the 9 fraternities
at ODU will offer you something unique and different than any other
organization on campus. You can live in a residence hall or join a
club...but joining a fraternity is a decision you will make that will
impact you for a lifetime.

We encourage you to at least check out what Greek Life has to offer.
Don't buy in to the media's depiction of Greek Life. Find out for
yourself how one of these 9 organizations will make you a better
student, a better leader and ultimately a better man.

Kappa Delta Rho

aka: KDR



Lambda Chi Alpha

aka: Lambda Chi

Pi Kappa Alpha

aka: Pike

Sigma Nu




Sigma Pi

Sigma Phi Epsilon

aka: Sig Ep


Tau Kappa Epsilon

aka: TKE



Phi Kappa Tau

aka: Phi Tau

Theta Chi