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September 29, 2009 - Election Results

Congratulations to the following Senators joining the 79th Session of Student Government:

  • A'Sheka Fisher
  • Alexa Go
  • Brianna Monk
  • Brittany Cunningham
  • Cabot Zabriskie
  • Ivy Adu-Gyamfi
  • Joseph Miller
  • Joshua Lee
  • Katelyn Cox
  • Mihail Cutitaru
  • Vince Barbour

The first Senate meeting of the Fall semester will be during the week of October 5 – 9; the time and location of the meeting will be posted when decided.

September 10, 2009 - Special Senatorial Election

A Special Election will be held for the purpose of filling the empty Senate seats.

If you wish to run for office you must complete an Application for Candidacy. Applications are due for review by the Court, no later than noon on Wednesday, September 16, 2009. They must be deposited in the lockbox next to Student Health Services, across the hallway from the Student Government Office.

Please be familiar with the Election Regulations.

September 8, 2009 - House of Representatives

Student Government has received multiple questions from Recognized Student Organizations about the dates for the first House of Representatives meeting. We have good news: the House of Representatives has been discontinued in late April by the previous administration, and our new Constitution places the Legislative Power of Student Government solely in the hands of the Senate.

The flawed practice of Student Government penalizing Student Organizations if they did not wish to participate in student governance is a thing of the past.

Good luck with your Student Organizations, don't forget to re-register with OSAL, and let us know how we can assist you!

August 31, 2009 - Welcome

The Student Government welcomes you to Old Dominion University!

Our Mission

The Student Government is a self-governing, autonomous governance body representing the Students of Old Dominion University.

Student Government promotes and advises the Administration of Old Dominion University on the development of student-related programs and services and makes recommendations to the Board of Visitors, the President, and other administrative officers on student-related matters.

Student Government is the sole entity that approves recognition of Student Organizations registered with the Old Dominion University Office of Student Activities and Leadership, and is responsible for establishing policies and procedures that Recognized Student Organizations must follow to qualify for funding.

Our Organization

The Student Government consists of three separate, but equal branches:

  • The Legislative Branch consists of Senators from each of the Academic Colleges; they author, propose, and approve Bills and Resolutions that convey the will of Students to the School Administration.
  • The Executive Branch is led by President and Vice President, who supervise Secretaries of areas of great importance, such as Recognized Student Organizations, University Services, and Governmental Affairs.
  • The Judicial Branch forms a permanent High Court that ensures all actions and documents of Student Government comply with the law, University policies, and the Student Government Constitution.

July 23, 2009 - Results of Referenda

The April 27-28 election included two referendum questions to gauge the opinion of the Student Body.

Referendum 78-1: Should ODU allow the auctions of people, which is a public sale in which each person is sold to another person or persons with the highest bid for services, to continue here on Campus?

170 (18.0%)
569 (60.4%)
204 (21.6%)

Referendum 78-2: Should the Student Government Association revise its constitution to allow the addition of two chairs and the removal of the House of Representatives, so that the SGA may be one coherent body and effectively address the issues of students?

168 (17.8%)
607 (64.4%)
168 (17.8%)

The General Court of the SGA has received complaints that the phrasing of Referendum 78-2 was leading by stating an effect not proven to be true. The current operating documents of the SGA do not describe referendum questions, thereby making the results advisory in nature. The 79th Session of the Student Government Association recognizes the erroneous phrasing and the compromised nature of the results of Referendum 78-2.


  • Report of Activities
  • First Senate Meeting
  • Establish Funding Boards
  • Town Hall Meetings


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